Petrocomp - WDS Facility

Petrocomp, a division of D&M, was formed in 1993.  Petrocomp handles materials such as non-marketable crude oil produced from oilfield exploration and production and other exempt wastes produced from the Oil and Gas industry.

With the development and use of two Class II Disposal facilities strategically located in South Eastern Montana coupled with the development of a new Special waste site located in Southwest North Dakota, Petrocomp possesses the capabilities of giving it’s client base environmentally sound disposal solutions whether Solid or Liquid exempt wastes.

Petrocomp’s development as a leader in the waste management industry has only aided in the growth of the D&M Solutions, Inc. team.



Services Provided:

Exempt Waste:
Bioremediation and Landfill
Consulting & Sampling
Liquid Waste Processing (Centrifugal)